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How do you repair stucco siding,? by calling Sunset Construction Group Inc. If you have stucco on your home in Lexington and you would like us to check out any repairs or cracks setup an appointment today. Do you have moisture issues from ice dams or a wet basement call for a company that only focuses on water damage. Sunset Construction Group stucco repair estimate for customers that live in Lexington Minnesota is often the lowest price. If you are looking for a quotes from a moisture intrusion experts contact Sunset CG. Need service or a bid to fix synthetic stucco EIFs in Lexington, MN contact our staff today. Try to stump our synthetic stucco experts, they have been doing this for a long time, call for the answers. If you are thinking of installing new stucco make sure the contractor installed all the proper draining and moisture intrusion protectors to your home. My stucco is cracking what should I do? Call a contractor to see if the cracks are cosmetic or problems. We are a company that is focused on stucco and EIFs repairs in MN.

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