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Not all companies that EIFs construction workers, they take a job and are not experienced in and a few year later water is your enemy. For all your moisture intrusion repair need call the leader in Lakeville MN at 763.546.1100. The synthetic stucco back needs to bond to make the water intrusion a thing of the past. Yes, we do give customers synthetic stucco estimates to repair and fix moisture intrusion issues to their home. Do not go to the big box stores and buy stucco crack filler, as if you have water damage behind the wall you will make the problem worse. Installing stucco to the building code is good but, many areas the code allowed issues ten years ago. If you have any stucco problems call the local pros at Sunset Construction. For moisture testing in your home in Lakeville call us for a free consultation. Not all stucco EIFs systems work like they are supposed to call if you are having stucco issues in Lakeville, MN. For a company that specializes in stucco exterior wall repair call Sunset CG.

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