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For the best mold remediation quote in Jordan, get one from Sunset Construction Group. At Sunset Construction Group Inc we make sure the stucco flashing attached correctly. Don't wait if you have Jordan MN moisture intrusion problems call us for a free quote. Do you need a quote for EIFs siding in Jordan, MN? We can help you find the right products and price for your budget. Often the areas are first notice mold in stucco is near the front entry of your home or business. We will look at the EIFs joints in your home to see if the contractor did his job. The hard coat stucco installation is different than that of the synthetic stucco. The stucco hand tools are different for EIFs vs traditional stucco, we can fix or repair either. We understand that all stucco expansion joints are points of concern but, if you have them installed correctly it should not be a problem. Call to discuss the stucco siding pros and cons for your home in Jordan.

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