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If Improper or no roof to wall termination flashing systems are on your house, moisture intrusion is a disaster waiting to happen. We do synthetic stucco patches for customers in Hennepin County Minnesota. We can sell, repair and install all types of stucco products for your home or business. Our team have been working on moisture intrusion solutions for year for customers in Hennepin County. Postponing stucco wall repair to the exterior of your home in Hennepin County is not a good idea, call someone that can do it right the first time. Having us look to see if the stucco window flashing was installed correctly will save you money in the future if water and mold become a problem. If the moisture testing is found to be at elevated levels for your home we can help with a game plan to solve your issues. If your builder did not install your flashing properly or you have defective or leaky windows and doors call us a local contractor in Hennepin County Minnesota. Is EIFs combustible there are many answers to this the easiest is yes and no if that makes sense. Why EIFs vs stucco? Cost, R-value and others are the primary reasons.

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