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Looking for a contractor for EIFs removal in Ham Lake? Sunset Construction Group Inc focuses on fixing your stucco problems. What are the advantages and disadvantages of stucco exterior? Well pros it lasts a long time, can be very efficient, cons include poor installation will result in water damage. Do you have moisture intrusion problems at your home in Ham Lake? Call the local experts at Sunset Construction Group. Often poor or no flashing causes moisture intrusion around doors and windows. During our consultation on moisture intrusion we will point out where it most likely occurs for your home. HomeStuccoRepair.com is the company that can help you with all of your stucco leaks repair needs in Ham Lake. The stucco hardcoat is installed over wood strips, known as lath, or over metal lath and does not use the foam underlayment. Cost effective EIFs repair done right by local contactor at Sunset Construction Group. Do you need a local contractor to check out a stucco building you are thinking about purchasing in Ham Lake? Call Sunset CG. Are you concerned on structural failures and settling cracks on your stucco, we can repair it before you have moisture problems.

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