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Don't live in a stucco home with mold fungus, it could be a health hazard. Most companies do not have a mold remediation certification, they are just contractors ask them when you talk to them. Do you need a solution for mold removal from air in your home in Greenwood Minnesota? Our team is ready to help. Greenwood stucco problems? Who do I call? Call the experts at Sunset CG. HomeStuccoRepair.com is the company to call for black mold removal in Greenwood, MN. Do you have stucco mold by your windows on your home? Call for a free quote. For all of your moisture intrusion testing needs in Greenwood, make the first call to Sunset Construction Group Inc. Our company specializes in black mold remediation for our customers. Leave the mold remediation to the experts, not all contractors are equipped or have the experience to fix your water damage.

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