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If you would like new stucco EIFs installed call the experts at Sunset Construction in Forest Lake MN. If you have water and mold near the stucco board insulation call us today. If you have a lawsuit on a stucco construction defect we can help you get a list of the best attorneys in the area. No stucco construction is not going away but, over the past several years the products are better and the installers are making less mistakes. We would have less mold remediation projects if regulations and inspectors would have checked for proper install and flashing. For all of your moisture intrusion damage need in Forest Lake MN we are the leading company to call. Why not do it right the first time, hire a stucco expert to synthetic stucco flashing If you have a stucco fronted building that has water damage or mold call for a quote for repair or replacement in Forest Lake. A synthetic stucco scratch coat is applied before the finish coat is applied. All cities have a building inspector and the manufactures have EIFs guidelines if those are followed it would have been saved millions of dollars in damage.

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