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Skipping the basics in stucco flashing details will cause huge problems in the future. For water intrusion inspection in Excelsior, MN can be something you need before you sell your home. One of the most interesting stucco facts is many homeowners don't know that they should not cover the stucco with dirt and wood chips at the grade level. Does EIFs have advantages of making the home more efficient. Try to stump our synthetic stucco experts, they have been doing this for a long time, call for the answers. We are happy to get great referrals for our stucco repair at Sunset Construction. You need to make sure that the contractor are properly installing the EIFs expansion joint to prevent future water damage. If you have water damage near stucco window trim most often the window was not flashed correctly. Excelsior, MN stucco remediation, either a repair or replacement we can do it all. Sunset Construction Group is a contractor that is focused on stucco building construction repairs, replacement, mold, water damage and moisture intrusion.

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