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For a inspection on your stucco give us a call today at 763 546 1100. New stucco? How do I clean it? Most people use a pressure washer. Do you have moisture intrusion problems at your home in Excelsior, MN? Call the local experts at Sunset Construction. No matter the extent of the stucco water damage repair needed for your home we can handle your project. The use of EIFs joint sealant is very important as the joints need to be sealed correctly. Defectively designed or constructed footings and foundations The addition of stucco trim will make your home look better but, also could be areas of concern for moisture intrusion. If we discover Stucco/EIFS problems in our home who is at fault? Get a free consultation with the pros at HomeStuccoRepair.com. Yes, moisture intrusion does also happen behind bricks as well as stucco. HomeStuccoRepair.com is one of the leading moisture intrusion companies that helps customers in Excelsior.

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