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Once moisture intrusion gets into the floors the problem is much bigger and the safety of the home is now a concern. Noticing hard coat stucco issues on your home in Eagan, we will come out to your home and give you our thoughts. Even synthetic stucco needs proper flashing to avoid moisture around the windows and doors. To ensure proper installation the contractor need to do the little things right like EIFs flashing and caulking. If you are looking for a quotes from a moisture intrusion experts contact Sunset Construction Group Inc. The r value for EIFs is high which will help in the lowering of your utilities. If you have questions call our stucco repair specialists at (763) 546-1100. Having a detailed intrusive testing done by local experts will give you piece of mind on your home. If Improper or no roof to wall termination flashing systems are on your house, moisture intrusion is a disaster waiting to happen. Why not call the best for a great hard coat stucco quote in Eagan MN.

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