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Our team knows how to install and use the correct synthetic stucco application techniques to protect your home. Local quality moisture inspection companies are hard to find in Delano Minnesota, call us we have a list of the best in town. If you start to see mineral deposits outside stucco, the salts are coming to the surface and with evaporation the deposits will appear on the stucco. Questions on stucco repair EIFs in Delano Minnesota? Call us with them. Placing a new stucco sealer on the stucco is a must for all stucco jobs. If you get a synthetic stucco inspection and there is moisture issues call Sunset CG a license contractor for homes in Delano MN. If we discover Stucco/EIFS problems in our home who is at fault? Get a free consultation with the pros at Sunset Construction Group. What is Synthetic stucco remediation? It is when water damage and moisture are found in EIFs stucco. Some of our customers call us the stucco doctor of Delano. Call us if you have concerns on the stucco drip edges around your home.

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