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If you have a defective or leaky roof on your home in Cologne call us for a free consultation today. Our team have been working on moisture intrusion solutions for year for customers in Cologne. If the EIFs fasteners are not installed right the walls may be a disaster waiting to happen in Cologne Minnesota. If you have EIFs over masonry you need to make sure the seals are correct to prevent water damage. Questions on moisture intrusion? We service homeowners in Cologne MN so call with any questions you have. If you live in Cologne MN and need synthetic stucco repair call 763 546 1100. If you have a lawsuit on a stucco construction defect we can help you get a list of the best attorneys in the area. Sunset Construction can renew stucco and give you a price quotes that is better than the competition. Some of the new products are being made from moisture intrusion form, we can explain more face to face. What is involved with typical stucco upkeep? Washing, possible painting, fixing of cracks or other structural issues.

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