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What is the cost to stucco the front of house? Many homes just have a face and vinyl siding around the rest of the home, the cost depends on the size of the project. Not all EIFs cracking is water damage related. If you contractor follows the stucco installation guidelines you most likely will not have issues. Sunset Construction Group Inc can solve your stucco cracks problem in Carver County. Are their mold remediation guidelines? Well our goal is to get the job done right the first time. If you are looking for a quote to replace you hard coat stucco coating systems on your home give us a call. The elements and climate wear on outdoor stucco, we can repair it for your home in Carver County MN. If you have EIFs over masonry you need to make sure the seals are correct to prevent water damage. Sometimes the use of a moisture intrusion infrared camera will get the readings on the moisture levels behind the walls and other areas of your home. If your contractor did the job without cutting corners your synthetic stucco exterior walls should be fine.

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