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There are products that are EIFs panels that look like masonry, we can get you more details if you like. Can you apply new stucco over old stucco? Yes, depending on the home and if there is existing damage. We consider our team to be moisture intrusion experts and we service the Carver County MN area. There are many Carver County MN stucco companies but, we have the experience, staff and referrals to get the job done correctly the first time. Is new stucco cost more or less than James Hardie? HomeStuccoRepair.com will give you a quote for both. Sunset Construction Group can fix your moisture intrusion around your doors or windows in Carver County, MN. If you have moisture intrusion that is all the way into the insulation, you will need to have the insulation removed or the mold will form. What is the stucco installation cost in Carver County MN? Call for a quote as there are too many factors to give a blanket price. Looking for a moisture intrusion EIFs company in Carver County, call Sunset CG. Depending on the builder and how the house was built your could have moisture intrusion happen with your concrete floors.

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