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Having us look to see if the stucco window flashing was installed correctly will save you money in the future if water and mold become a problem. Typically hard coat stucco costs more than the EIFs or synthetic stucco solutions. Looking for a moisture intrusion EIFs company in Bloomington, call Sunset Construction Group Inc. New stucco? How do I clean it? Most people use a pressure washer. Homeowners need to talk to their insurance agent to find out what the coverage for their policy is for mold remediation insurance. The addition of stucco trim will make your home look better but, also could be areas of concern for moisture intrusion. If you have a defective or leaky roof on your home in Bloomington call us for a free consultation today. Many builders are now installing a synthetic stucco drainage system to avoid water damage and moisture issues. Are you looking to change the stucco designs for your home? Maybe James Hardie? We are a local contractor that know both products very well. All the different companies say that they have the best EIFs products, call us we will give you our thoughts.

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