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If you have cracked stucco the mold growth will result in loss of structural stability of your home. Do you have stucco expansion joint damage on your home in Blaine MN, we have the crew to fix it for your family. Sunset CG has black mold removal experts that can answer your questions. Defective and leaky windows and doors are the beginning of a much larger problem call Sunset Construction Group for your free consultation today. Our mold remediation experts have the answers to your questions. We would have less mold remediation projects if regulations and inspectors would have checked for proper install and flashing. The mold remediation industry is getting larger as many homes built in the past several years cut corners and water damage will be a problem. Having mold under stucco is becoming more and more common in Blaine, if you would like us to check out your home call 763 546 1100. The testing mold levels report will give you the levels of moisture in your walls and home.

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