Mold Remediation Company for Homeowners in Birchwood MN

I know if I had problems with water and mold in Birchwood MN I would call a mold removal specialist at Sunset Construction Group. We take pride in being a mold remediation contractor that you can trust. Looking at your house do you have mold on the stucco exterior? You should get is inspected. Do you have moisture intrusion mold issues with your home in Birchwood? Call the experts. Don't trust the mold remediation methods you read on the internet call the local experts. If you have stucco mold on your doors we can fix it for you in Birchwood. A water intrusion test will give you information on if the moisture is behind the wall and give you a reading on the levels of moisture. Not all synthetic stucco repairs are easy ones if the water has penetrated the house envelope larger problems need to be addressed. Do you have structural moisture issues on your home in Birchwood Minnesota? Sunset Construction can fix it for you.

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