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If you have a licensed contractor install your EIFs system with proper drainage the possibility is low for future water damage. Not installing the proper stucco building paper will be a huge problem in the next few years of your home or building. Many times clients call about moisture intrusion near their doors and windows we can help determine if there are bigger issues. If your stucco damage repair is based on water intrusion we will setup a game plan to solve your problems. The best way to avoid moisture intrusion is prevention by caulking, proper flashing and drainage. Moisture Testing for stucco? Do you have a odd smell or cracks in your stucco? Call for a free consultation. If Improper or no roof to wall termination flashing systems are on your house, moisture intrusion is a disaster waiting to happen. Sunset Construction Group can renew your stucco, repair or replace it in Bayport. Moisture is usually around stucco trim around windows in your home. Once you discover EIFs moisture problems in Bayport who do I call? Call us we have many years of experience in mold remediation.

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